This 300 hour training is divided into four modules that enhance and integrate with each other. The modules can be taken in any order and over any period of time, allowing you the flexibility to complete the training in your own time.

Each module will include the practice of yoga techniques and skills, some teaching theory, anatomy and physiology and some philosophy on living skills related to the practice. All are aimed at helping us apply our love of yoga in the best way possible, as the healing technology of becoming more whole, integrated and aware in both physical and non-physical levels.



Every Wednesday 8:30am – 3:30pm

Monday 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th February: 6:30 – 8:45pm

Cost: R4900

It is one thing to know how to do yoga asana, breathing and meditation techniques, but it is another to understand what is happening under the surface of the body. Being confident to teach a beginner, or a person with an injury or special condition requires a deeper knowledge of anatomy (the architecture or form) and physiology (the function – how it works).

This course will include a morning asana practice, delving beyond the basics, and afternoons of theory. You can expect to acquire new skills and refresh old knowledge for those who have studied anatomy and physiology before.

We will address things like:

  • What does it really mean to ‘stack the bones’
  • Using a ‘muscle lines’ approach to assess imbalances in the tensegrity of our alignment
  • Better understanding injury management
  • What is involved in the healing process
  • The relationship between strength, flexibility, mobility and coordination from a Western perspective (physiology)
  • Functional movement and dysfunctional movement

This is not just a dry, theoretical anatomy course. Learning the muscle names and their attachments is important but grasping the way that they work in a living, moving human body is the next level for teaching and practicing yoga.


Please send us an email at if you are interested in joining.