My interest is at the intersection of traditional models of health and exercise and contemporary health and human movement science. We are at an exciting confluence point where these traditional models like yoga & qigong are being overlapped with other models of movement and wellness, including strength and conditioning.

Through movement, breathing, mental focus and postures there are targeted interventions with the functions of the autonomic nervous system, motor control system, hormonal, lymphatic and belief systems about ourselves and our capacities. The incredible diversity of movement and body postures of yoga can be a very effective tool to master the body if it is done in a safe and systematic way. When sequenced well, yoga postures create a healthy balance of stability, mobility and justified confidence. 

Much of modern yoga has evolved into a kind of “yoga based” workout built mainly around standing postures such as warrior lunges and variations on the same themes. Learning these is a good foundation but there is much more to yoga than this. In this series of workshops I will quite deliberately work beyond the common yoga stances in favour of exploring and learning more exotic forms.

In this workshop series we will begin by learning the key alignment, strength and energetic messages contained in some of the classic ‘bird’ yoga postures including the eagle and the swan, and how they are related to others such as the peacock, crane, crow, heron, as well as various species of pigeon including king pigeon pose. We will then move onto bound postures in the second workshop. The postures will be “unpacked”, broken down, understood and repackaged. For the less experienced, extra practical strength and mobility drills will be suggested which could be used as homework practices. 

Through a series of fun practical exercises, we will explore the subtle keys that unlock the bodies’ anti-gravity capabilities, bearing in mind the techniques to find more ease (sukham) and stability in these so called intermediate or advanced yoga postures. 

The first of these workshops will be a farewell to our venue in Woodstock and the second a welcome to our new home in Constantia. Normal class passes can be used. Please make a reservation through our schedule as spaces are limited.