Budokon Basics with Carmen Petre  |  Book Now  |  17 – 24 April, 2018  |  ZAR 320

Series of three beginner-focused classes

Perfect for beginners to Budokon or Yoga.  With Carmen’s experienced guidance you will learn the movements and flow of Budokon Yoga safely and with ease.

  • Learn the basic BDK postures safely and correctly
  • Modify the movements and postures according to your body
  • Join any Budokon class or workshop with confidence

Carmen takes the time to teach and demonstrate the most common movements in the Budokon Style with a focus on basics for beginners that is not possible in a regular class.

Dates: 17 – 24 April.  Meeting Tuesdays 7.15 pm & Saturday 11.30 am

Cost: ZAR 320

Book: Click Here to make your booking

This series is a must if you are new to Budokon or yoga. Learn to cobra roll, low drop-stance, warrior’s base and warrior’s bridge with ease and grace. Once complete, you can join regular BDK classes and workshops with confidence.

Carmen completed her 300hr YTT with Jim Harrington and, fascinated by the empowering practice of Budokon, she completed her training with Dave Gardner and became a Budokon teacher in March 2017. Carmen loves sharing her experience and encourages curiosity and exploration within the practice and yourself, while teaching with focus on safe alignment and functional movement.