Events and workshops are held regularly at ReUnion Yoga & Meditation. These courses and workshops are open to all levels of practitioners, unless specified. Join the courses to deepen your meditation and yoga knowledge and practice. Contact us if you would like more information, or click on the links below.

Yoga Essentials with Santjie Viljoen

6 Sessions that will demystify yoga and establish the foundations for your own personal practice.  Santjie demonstrates and teaches classic foundation postures in a way that will elevate your existing practice, but perfect for newbies curious about how yoga actually works.

When: 10 – 27 September

Meet: Monday & Thursday |  7.15 – 8.45 pm

Cost: ZAR 650

Book: Please contact us to secure your space.

Qi Gong Workshop with Shifu Dr Jeff Lan

Qi Gong Workshop Cape TownLearn the Ba Duan Jin or 8 Brocade exercises, dating back to the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279 CE) with Shifu Dr Jeff Lan.

Discover the ancient practice of specific breathing control, movement and meditationdesigned to harmonise the functions of the body and mind,  regulating and improving the flow of Qi or vital energy.

When: Saturday 22 September

Meet: 14.00 – 16.30 pm

Cost: ZAR 350

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Philosophy of Food with Daniela Daines

In this Philosophy of Food workshop with Nutritional Therapist Daniela Daines, unpack popular weight-loss myths and learn why fad diets inevitably result in failure.

Receive a personal, comprehensive tool-kit in support of your weight-loss journey, creating a richer, more meaningful life in the process.

When: 29 September

Time: 11.15 – 13.15

Cost: ZAR 350.00

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