Gary Thomas Live Concert | 7 FEB | 7 PM | ZAR 150

First Thursday at ReUnion! Join us for another great Music Gig in an intimate setting.  

Originating from Cape Town, South Africa, Gary Thomas was Classically trained in school and later studied Jazz at University. His unique style blends rich, moody songwriting with a vast array of alternative guitar techniques and precision multitasking.

His diverse musical background shows in his combination of fingerstyle picking, rapid virtuoso strumming and percussive playing. Singing with 2 microphones with varying reverb effects, he uses his voice in an orthodox manner as well as textually layering extra tones over the music.

In conjunction with the countless South African shows and festivals, the last couple of years have included sell-out runs at The National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, touring with Ninja Tunes artist Funk in SA, full endorsements from Ernie Ball and Proel and a European Tour in 2012.

Most recently Thomas won an Ovation Award at the 2018 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown.

Date: 7 February

Time: 7 pm

Venue: Reunion Yoga & Meditation

Price: R150

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