Candice’s love affair with yoga started 15 years ago when she went to her first class, driven by
curiosity to discover what yoga had to offer her body and mind. Since then she’s spent time with
many different styles of yoga, from Ashtanga and Vinyasa in the early days, to Jivamukti and
Kundalini more recently – but it was a workshop on Yin Yoga that sparked the burning desire to
complete a teachers training in this particular style.

“Yin complements this stage in my life so perfectly and seems to combine all the personal exploration
I’ve been doing over the years – from mindfulness and meditation practices to my deeper learning of
the feminine, healing trauma and re-sensitizing the body.”

Candice’s classes are deeply relaxing, helping so soothe the central nervous system – a perfect
counter balance to the frenetic pace many of us live our lives at.