ZAR350 | 15 March | 6 pm – 8:30 pm

An exploration of Sound and Vibration to achieve a deeper unity of the outer and inner cosmos.

Chakra Balancing and Opening

A powerful technique to resonate and balance your chakras using vowel sounds. Vowels carry the “information energy” of speech, whereas consonants act to break up the energy flow. In ancient Sanskrit, Hebrew, Chinese, etc, the vowel sounds are considered to be sacred. In other words, the vowel sounds carry the intention and focus.

Sound Healing Journey

Sound Healing Journeys are beautiful sound based meditations using high-frequency healing instruments, sung & spoken voice, guided meditation, to evoke a state of well being, relaxation, deep peace, and inner harmony.

Power of Mantra

A mantra is a revealed word, a divine sound that has been received or experienced by an adept in the state of deep samadhi (spiritual absorption). It is a condensed form of spiritual energy, the sound body of the Divine Being. It can also be thought of as a compact prayer. The yogic scriptures often compare mantra to a boat or a bridge that an aspirant can take to cross the mire of delusion created by the external world and reach the center of consciousness within.

2.5 h workshop 

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