Pranayama Workshop | SAT 1 & 8 June | ZAR 290 SINGLE | ZAR 450 COMBO

Why Pranayama?

Everyone seems to have a sense that breathing is an important part of yoga, but remarkably few people understand how it works and how incredibly valuable it is for our health to breathe well. Even among yoga teachers, there is confusion and a wide variety of mixed up breathing exercises being taught.

Part one
1 June – establishing a foundation

In this section we look at the following:

• Understanding healthy and unhealthy breathing,
• Anatomy and physiology of primary and secondary breathing and the relationship with the Vagus nerve, and the Autonomic Nervous System
• The link between the breath, Autonomic Nervous system, and Mind
• Recent research that proves the benefits of these ancient methods.
• Foundation techniques to establish the basics including complete yogic breath, Alternate nostril breathing, diaphragmatic breathing, Traditional Ujjayi Pranayama (This is not as most people know it!)
• The way to breathe in Yoga Asana Practice – Pros and Cons of techniques
• A homework practice will be given

Part Two
8 June – Intermediate techniques

This is for people who have become established in a regular Yoga practice and have some experience with pranayama or have joined the foundation stage.

We will build on the foundation of Part One and explore:

• Techniques for slowing the breath further.
• Establishing the vessel – Refining the seated position for deeper practices
• Retaining of the breath safely – Kumbhaka
• Viloma Pranayam, Niralamba Nadi Shodana pranayama
• ”Prana Vritti Nirodha” – Stilling the breath and the meditation state.