Qigong Workshop with Shifu Dr Jeff Lan 刘又义

Saturday 19 May, 2018 |  14.00 – 16.30  |  ZAR 350  |  Book Here

Shifu Dr Jeff Lan is one of South Africa’s most respected and recognised practitioners of Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts.  We are honoured to host him at ReUnion in May.

Qigong (pronounced chi goong), is an ancient Chinese practice of specific breathing control, movement and meditation.  Designed to harmonise the functions of the body and mind,  it regulates and improves the flow of Qi or vital energy.

In this workshop, Shifu Dr Jeff will share “secret Chinese treasures” learnt over decades of dedicated practice with his teachers.  The workshop is ideal for experienced yoga practitioners and teachers.

Shifu Dr Jeff will teach: You will learn:
  • The basic principles of Qigong posture, breathing and movement
  • Theory on the practice of Qigong
  • Qi tends to follow different pathways that link the various organs and tissues in the body, so different movements will help or improve the flow of Qi in the different channels
  • Zhan Zhuang (standing like a tree) in great detail. It is a simple yet powerful exercise to enhance energy, mental clarity, and internal strength
  • One of the set routines of Health Qigong called Liu Zi Jue (Six Healing Sounds).
  • How to move with gentle flow and grace to facilitate the cultivation of vital energy


Shifu Jeff balances the health perspective with his martial arts knowledge, creating a holistic learning system for his students and clients. He approaches the master-to-student lineage and its preservation from a unique angle, teaching non-Chinese students authentic, classical, lineage-based knowledge.  He shares these “Secret Chinese ‘

Treasures” with an appreciative audience over many years.

Shifu Dr Jeff Lan

is an experienced and qualified Chinese martial arts coach and practitioner; as well as a
registered acupuncture practitioner and doctor of Chinese medicine. Shifu Dr Jeff’s extensive experience in martial arts started at the young age of 10 years.  He continues his lifelong research to this day.

Doctor: Shifu Dr Jeff is registered with the Allied Health Professionals Council of South Africa.  He is a leading practitioner of Chinese Medicine in South Africa and abroad.  He studied acupuncture, herbal medicine, bonesetting and Tui-Na Therapy under Dr. Feng Chao Lin.

Accolades and achievements:  Shifu Dr Jeff is recognised internationally both as a Classical Chinese medicine
doctor and martial arts teacher/practitioner.  He is certified with 8th Duan in Chinese martial arts and 5th Duan International Health Qigong Technical Degree Coach.  Furthermore, Shifu Jeff has recently received an Honorary 6th Duan Award for meritous achievement in Qigong by the International Health Qigong Federation (IHQF) in China in February 2018.

Martial Arts: Most of Shifu Jeff’s training has been through the classical Oral and Practical transmissions from master to close door inheritor (adopted son). Being a closed door inheritor of Grandmaster Liang Dong Sheng and of Grandmaster Dr Feng Chao Lin.

Under Grandmaster Liang Dong Sheng: Yong Chun Quan, Shaolin Quan, Standardised Wushu & Taiji Quan, Nan Quan, Chang Quan, Weapons, Lion & Dragon Dancing – Port Louis, Mauritius

Under Grandmaster Dr Feng Chao Lin: Southern Shaolin Quan – Tze Man Quan, Taiji Quan, Qi Gung, Hsing I & Ba Gua Quan, Qi Gong – Tien Tao, White Crane – Fukien, BA duan jin, Liu zi jue, Washing Marrow Xi sui jing, Changing Of Sinews Yi jin jing , Da yan gong & Chan Meditation – R.S.A.