Team members of our experienced and well-qualified teachers have all trained individually with Jim Harrington. There is an emphasis on high-quality instruction and connection with all students at the studio, ensuring that you receive the best-quality experience, regardless of which class you attend.

ReUnion offers a variety of Yoga Styles for both beginner and intermediate levels.

Jim Harrington

Studio Founder

Jim Harrington is the founder of ReUnion Yoga & Meditation. He has been practicing and teaching yoga for more than 20 years. Jim has been called “The teacher’s teacher” because he has mentored 150 other teachers through is mentorship and teacher training programmes. After travelling the world, and studying with yoga masters in India and […]

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Toni Westaway

  Toni was introduced to yoga whilst at university and qualified as a teacher under the tutelage of Jim Harrington & Tamsin Sheehy in 2008. Her yoga classes are informed by the fundamentals of functional alignment and physiology. Through breath and movement, energy and information can flow effortlessly through the body. Toni is inspired by […]

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Andre Kunkel

Andre has been practicing yoga since 2004. His approach is finding the balance of breath, strength and flexibility in asana practice, since the practice encompasses both the physical and the mental. Andre’s yoga practice began in 2004 when a debilitating disease meant that he was not able to continue with his other passion, kitesurfing. The […]

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Kimberly Burger


Introduced mainly through the discipline of Classical Ballet, throughout the years Kimberly has gradually sought to broaden her understanding of how bodies move and function.

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Lynette Morris

Lynette has been practicing yoga since 2003 when coming across it in a treehouse in Thailand. Due to her lifestyle on the water, she was fortunate enough to practice in London, France, Seychelles and Qatar. This enabled her to train with John Scott, Valerie Jeremijenko and more. She practiced Ashtanga for many years before doing […]

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Meghan Janse van Rensburg

Meghan has unquestionable hunger and passion for Yoga. Working with the body and mind, unifying breath and movement, she creates a safe and fun space to move find stillness within this busy world.  She works on closing the gap between “I can’t” and “I can”, because she firmly believes we are capable of achieving more […]

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Alta Lourette

Teacher Alta has been practicing different styles of yoga since 2005 in various locations worldwide. She attended Purna yoga teacher training Level 1 in Goa, and Level 2 (500hrs) in Pondicherry, India with John Ogilvie from Byron Bay Yoga Centre, workshops with Jim Harrington and Simon Borg-Olivier of YogaSynergy & online training with Sadie Nardini. Alta has taught […]

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Claudia Uffhaus

Claudia began her yoga practice in 2004 and has been teaching since 2010. She draws her strength from nature. Whether she is hiking in the forest, rock-climbing in the mountains or enjoying tai chi in the meadows her energy and happiness comes from being in the wild. For Claudia, yoga is the best conduit to […]

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