Harriet Marshall has been practicing yoga for 25 years, her yoga life beginning at The Life Centre & The Sangam in London. She is British, but has lived in South Africa since late 2006.

Since arriving in Cape Town and having her children, Harriet has specialised in yoga predominantly for women and is known mainly as a peri-natal yoga teacher. She now teaches yoga for fertility, pre natal & post partum yoga and more recently, yoga for hormonal health. She has been teaching for nearly 14 years, through all 4 of her pregnancies; her youngest child is now 9 years old.  She trained as a doula 9 years ago and has since done over 250 births, all of which have influenced her style of teaching.

She works very closely with women across Cape Town, from fertility all the way through to peri-menopause and has built a strong network of women whom she supports on the journey of motherhood and beyond with yoga, support groups and more recently, a product line.

She also runs an NPO called Bloom Mama, which looks to provide less fortunate mothers in Cape Town with pregnancy, birthing and new baby essentials. It is a project extremely close to her heart. Women supporting women… mothers supporting mothers.