Irani Sangham first came across yoga through her parents when she was 10 years old and it turned into a special love that they all shared. It was through yoga that she began to discover a love for martial arts.

Irani has a background in various martial arts, such as Kung Fu, Aikido and Systema but she has spent majority of her time practicing Shaolin styles such as Wing Chun, Luohan Long Fist, Bagua Zhang, and animal styles such as tiger, snake and white crane. As part of her Kung Fu training she also taught classes to all levels and ages, for 6 years – working with senior students and her Sifu to carefully construct programmes for wellness through martial arts.

Irani has recently reunited with yoga when she started practising at ReUnion finding a lot of cross over between Kung Fu and the traditional yoga sequences taught at ReUnion. This ultimately led her to complete her teacher training with Jim and Dave in 2021.