Maia was introduced to yoga by her dad, who took her to yoga classes once a week during her early teen years. She still feels and remembers how profound, healing and empowering those hours were. Maia has been practicing ever since and looks forward to a life of endlessly immersing herself in movement.

Maia has been Belly Dancing for ten years, and is trained as a Belly Dance Teacher. She has also been facilitating Secret Sunrise dance and movement sessions for going on four years. Maia completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Jim Harrington and is now enrolled in an additional 200hr Yoga Synergy Teacher Training. She is also studying Craniosacral Therapy, a healing modality, deepening her knowledge of the human body.

This beautiful life is wound around deep devotion to motion! Yoga magnifies and simplifies Maia’s connection to herself, to others and to everything. For Maia, the practice of yoga is a gift, an endless journey of discovery, an anchor, a safe space she can take with her always and which offers countless treasures.

Maia has injured herself practicing yoga with the wrong mindset and she intends to always share yoga in an accessible, inclusive and safe way. Offering a balance of steadiness and ease, strength and gentleness, striving and accepting, moving and being still. She wants to share her passion and facilitate others finding their own unique love for and relationship with yoga.