We offer a variety of styles of yoga. Each class is led by an experienced yoga teacher, and any larger groups are supported by an assistant teacher. This ensures best-quality attention and instruction. Beginner and intermediate classes are mixed and open to all levels of practitioners.

Simon&BiancaGoaYoga Synergy

Yoga Synergy is a method established in 1984 by Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss, two exercise physiotherapists who have trained extensively with modern yoga masters in India. It is traditional Hatha Yoga, but the approach and teaching is founded upon modern science and a deep understanding of anatomy and healthy bio-mechanics. Yoga Synergy is therapeutic and safe for the modern bodies and minds of any level of fitness and flexibility because it taught progressively and systematically.

Many classical yoga postures are supported and enhanced by unique stabilising poses and movement forms and mudra which have their origins in Toaist Yoga (Tai Chi Chuan) and Gong Fu. Yoga Synergy is quite accessible to beginners but still can be challenging and strengthening for those who have more experienced in yoga.

The Yoga Synergy methodology establishes a very healthy and sustainable base for any other style of yoga practice largely because through it, we learn to move in ways that are kind to the body and encourage the natural flow of our vital energy or prana. The intermediate forms are taught in full only through intensive and pre-booked courses These five elements series include many of the more complex asana from Ashtanga second and third series but intelligently sequenced with preparations and counter postures to make them accessible and effective. Please click on the Events Tab to find the next intermediate course.

To find out more about Yoga Synergy, visit their website.


skandasanaBudokon Yoga

Budokon Yoga. Do you want to feel like ninja? Then this is your yoga. This new and popular style of yoga codified and popularised by martial arts master Cameron Shayne beginning since 2001. The emphasis being on the transitions from posture to posture, rather than holding the postures. The techniques are trained polished through repetition and precision, which becomes a mentally absorbing process in the same way that “Kata” or forms are used in Karate.

We work with the Budokon primary series which has seven defined sections and builds toward a collection of “animal locomotion’ drills. The routine, which was originally designed as a pre-match warm up for martial arts, is great fun and feels amazing in the body. Through Budokon class you will gain whole body strength, mobility, balance, cardiovascular stamina as well as healthy stability through full range of movement of all joints. It is also an amazing “secret weapon” cross training for surfers and other athletes.



Vinyasa Yoga1G2A0613

This dynamic and flowing style of yoga, popularised in the West, has its roots in the breath focused, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system. Precise movement from one posture to the next is linked by steady flowing breath. It is this focus on learning good-quality breathing during asana practice that links our bodies and minds, bringing about a clear focused “movement meditation”.

At ReUnion the Vinyasa Yoga classes remain rooted in sound anatomical and physiological principles, so that sequences open the body in a way that promotes a calm and replenishing practice. Teachers are trained to structure classes with a basic template and to express creativity withing and around that framework.
so, there is variability in the sequence, and the style of instruction varies from one teacher to the next, giving you some novelty and variety in your practice.

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Beginner classes are open to all levels of practitioners and establish the fundamentals of hatha yoga postures, correct breathing and functional alignment. These are taught steadily and at the pace of the students in the class – there is no hurry. It’s ideal, if possible, for all new students, to join the beginner classes. This will provide you with a sound foundation for your yoga practice going forward. We regularly offer a short Fundamentals course for new students. Please check the events tab for the next course.

Intermediate classes AKA “yoga-labs” are open to all levels of practitioners and introduce the “upgrade” postures that build on the more basic yoga postures. Again, the focus is on steadily establishing competence the of intermediate postures with functional alignment, correct breathing and mental focus. Come along, experiment a little and have some fun in a way that takes you deeper into your practice. If you feel the upgrade is not for you, or a working with injury, the teacher always provides a simple modifications and guide you.

Advanced classes  This is not recommended for folks who are new to yoga asana practice. Advanced classes AKA The “Teacher’s Labs” are open to intermediate and experienced students only although you don’t really need to be a yoga Teacher, it just seems to be the easiest title to define this level. Here we “workshop” and explore intermediate and advanced yoga postures, and breath work. We generally approach this work in a playful and collaborative way, experimenting and learning together. Come along if you are up for deeper exploration while nudging your comfort zone’s boundaries.