1011  APRIL 

Learn to mitigate the noise & focus on the signal

Are you looking to begin or develop your meditation & movement practice?

Whether you’re a yogi, dancer, martial artist, runner, athlete, couch potato, all or none of the above: there will be something for every level of mover and type of interest.

                                                             These workshops are for everyone interested in exploring the mind and body.

The Workshops focus on and explore

Stress Management – Practical tools using breath and meditation to create clarity in mind & body
Moving Meditation – Moving from thinking about movement to feeling movement
Movement Vocabulary – The movement you didn’t know you could do but always wanted to
The Art of Listening – Interacting with the external environment and others as a source of inspiration & challenge
A Creative Movement Practice – Approaching movement in a non-attached & non-competitive way to embrace individual    experience and expression

Due to the processual and progressive nature of the practice,

it is a full weekend experience as follows:

Friday         5:30 – 8pm   Meditation & Being Moved
Saturday    9 – 11:30am   Inherent Movement Pathways     as well as       1:30 – 4pm   Forms for Freedom
Sunday      9 – 11:30am   Free From Form                               as well as       1:30 – 4pm   Full Circle

Full weekend – R1800    BOOK THE WEEKEND