Original Condition Workshops with Dave Gardner.

Original Condition

Wednesday Evenings: 17:45 – 20:30

These workshops are for everyone interested in exploring, experiencing and expressing the mind and body. Whether you’re a yogi, dancer, martial artist, runner, athlete, couch potato, all or none of the above: there will be something for every being.

The workshops focus on and explore:

Stress Management: Practical tools using breath and meditation to create clarity in mind & body

Moving Meditation: Moving from thinking about movement to feeling movement, the skill of getting out of the head and into the body

Movement Vocabulary: The movement you didn’t know you could do but always wanted to

The Art of Listening: Interacting with the external environment and others as a source of inspiration & challenge

A Creative Movement Practice: Approaching movement in a non-attached & non-competitive way to embrace individual experience and expression

Each session includes a guided meditation, a led warm up, an open free form/improv process, movement techniques & sequencing, non-contact partnering, a consolidatory integration process and a closing cool down.

Drop In Rate: R250pp

If you have any queries or would like to sign up contact Dave via email info@original-condition.com