Date: Tuesdays 24 Nov – 8 Dec  BOOK YOUR SPOT

Time: 19:00pm – 21:00pm

Cost: R770


Who wants to surf bigger waves? Almost everyone likes the idea of going bigger, but not everyone has the skill to do so. Gaining skills is usually a long process of trial and error. This course is designed as an efficient up-skilling process for anyone looking to take their passion for surfing a bit further. We will bypass some of the time-consuming trial and error out of the process by looking to the experts for shortcuts. This forms part of Jim Harrington’s wider project, Yoga for Sports, which includes sports therapy yoga teacher training, yoga for ski, and various other retreats and programs.


Bigger waves might mean plucking up the courage to paddle for that big one at sunset, or for others, it may be the confidence to sit in the lineup at J-bay’s super tubes or to take off behind the peak at big dunes. Maybe you are just building up to get out the back at Muizenberg corner. It is all relative.

All of us have our biggest ever wave story, both literally and figuratively. The question is are you willing to go and make a bigger one. There is an inspiration and a buzz that comes from pushing the boundaries of our capacity. This is a process that has intrigued me for most of my life. Since I first plucked up the courage to paddle out to Cronulla’s point on a biggish day mid-way through high school, I have been hooked. I have chased surf all over the world and ridden some of the best known and unknown surf spots.

A surfer should never be caught bragging because Mother Ocean will probably hear it and dish out a humbling punishment the next time around. So the quest for bigger, hollower, and more radical is not an exploit of bravado for the building of ego. Rather it is an internal process of discovering just where one’s own limit is.

Being in better condition physically and mentally means being more confident to paddle out into the edges of our capacities, so conditioning is an essential part of the process.


  • Strength training for paddling faster
  • Technique tips for takeoffs
  • Instantaneous popups and critical drops
  • Yoga for recovery and maintaining mobility in between surfs
  • Core strength
  • Shoulder freedom
  • Balance drills
  • Breath-hold training

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